_____Cage: solid floor, easy to clean, wire top or open top. 

          see the chart for appropriate sizes per number of guinea pigs. 

                        (We love C & C cages, build them yourself, or buy them

                         from https://www.guineapigcagesstore.com)


_____ Bedding:

          Wood-based bedding

                  Aspen, Pine (if heat treated, screened) lasts between cleanings 5 to                                                     7 days.

              Wood pulp bedding: Carefresh, Critter Comfort etc.. lasts between cleanings 3                                      to 5 days. www.petmountain, www.chewy.com

               Pelleted Pine, to hard on guinea pigs feet. Can be mixed. 

               Fleece, (fabric) must be cleaned to remove solid waste daily.


_____Water Bottle, 8too (to small), 16 oz, (ok size for single) 32oz, just right. Must be                                     cleaned and washed every 7 days. Water should be dumped daily and refreshed.


_____Food Dish, heavy enough not to be overturned. 


____Pelleted Diet: a good basic timothy hay based pellet (5% of diet)

           Cavy Care Inc.'s pick in order of preference:

                        1. Oxbow Hay Guinea Pig Pellets

                            2. Sweet Meadow Timothy Guinea Pig Pellets

                            3. Supreme Select Fortidiet

                            4. Mazuri Guinea Pig Diet


_____Loose Hay: 80% of a guinea pigs diet is this... it is a must have it. 

               A mini bale of hay will last one piggy for a year, 2 guinea pigs six months. Check out buying                     hay from a feed store the savings is staggering versus the pet stores. 

                           1. Timothy Hay, traditionally fed.

                           2. Orchard Grass, same levels of vitamin C as Timothy hay, fewer allergens. 


_____Cubed Hay: Helps to prevent over grown teeth.


____ House of some kind...


Check out all kinds of toys, houses, etc.. check such sites as Etsy for some really nice things.  


Do not waste your money on running balls (guinea pigs will not run in them, their toes can get caught in the air slits, breaking toes and they poop and pee in the ball getting it all over them. 


Don't waste your money on a wheel, they are not created for guinea pigs in mind but rats. 















We recommend only Oxbow Hay Products!