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Cages by recommendation/rating

9.8 Midwestern Cages: Available through most Pet stores/online shops. (buy an extra button, it makes cleaning so much easier.

9.3 C and C Cages at https://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/

9.1  Krolik XXL Rabbit cage available on Amazon

9.0 Krolik 140 Available on Amazon

8.7 Midwestern deluxe critter cage

8.6 Pervue

Food Options:

A good basic pellet that does not contain Alfalfa. 

Our recommendation is any of the Oxbow Products.

Avoid foods that are full of seeds and cereal pieces, that is just filler garbage.

A guinea pigs diet should be:

80% Hay

Timothy or if you have allergies Orchard Grass

15% Fresh Veggies... fruit in moderation.

05% Pelleted diet.

Bedding Options:

Pine bedding but only if it is triple screened to remove all dust. It must be kiln-dried to remove all oils. Least favorite bedding, but cheap. 

Aspen bedding can be composted. Inexpensive, user is friendly to guinea pigs. 

Paper or Wood pulp beddings such as CareFresh, Phresh Bedding, Kaytee paper bedding. Great if you or your guinea pig has allergies. 

Fleece bedding: available from a number of sources including CCI. Reusable, no allergies, washable, reversible in most cases. Very, very cost-effective. 

Other Necessary Things

1. Water Bottle, water bottle brush. Most guinea pigs have used water bottles with a ball spout. Stems are for rabbits and bowls will just be dirty all the time. 

2. Food dish ceramic or flanged and heavy enough not to be flipped over. 

3. A place to hide... there are all kinds but whatever you decide to get, get something. Take it away when you decide to interact with your guinea pig and then put it back to signal you are done interacting.. this is a way to keep your piggie loving you.