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Colorado's only licensed boarding

guinea pigs!

Boarding/shelter now rescue since 1998 


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Cavy Care Inc., Boarding, 4343 S. Jasper St. Aurora CO 80015, Tax Id 84-1502027 PACFA Licensed 001QY8 Copywrite 01/2020

The shelter itself closed on 03/16/2019. We offer education, act as a rescue
but do not perform adoption nor accept surrenders at this time. 
CCI no longer takes surrenders and no longer provides adoptions. We have tried to correct and update this information on the web, updating as additional sites are found listing us incorrectly...but information about our past operation has been listed in a huge number of places over 22 years without our permission and those are the sites still listing us incorrectly. You can notify us of sites, and we will reach out to them to make the correction.
We offer boarding and EDUCATION ONLY.
There are NO LICENSED shelters/rescues in Colorado for guinea pigs. YOU WILL NEED TO SURRENDER TO ONE OF THESE LOCAL SHELTERS. Most have a small animal program. While they will not guarantee they will not be placed together, they do try to do everything before choosing to euthanize. If the guinea pig is OLD or unhealthy, that may be their only option.
Check your dog and cat shelters for unwanted guinea pigs. Most have small animal programs now with wonderful adoptable guinea pigs.
If you have a guinea pig you wish to pair, take them with for the introduction. Guinea pigs just don't AUTO get along, do your research.
 Most shelters allow this. 
After 22 years we are well stocked with cages and supplies and are NOT taking donated items. 
At this time we can NOT recommend anyone to take them.
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