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Cavy Care Inc., Guinea Pig Boarding,
Education & Rescue

4343 S. Jasper St. Aurora CO 80015
We are only taking boarding forms for the months of January, February, March through April 30th, 2023


Since 1998, Cavy Care Inc., is a fully licensed rescue and boarding facility for guinea pigs in Colorado.

Formerly Cavy Care Inc. Guinea Pig Shelter. We offer boarding only at this time.

Cavy Care Inc., is providing limited rescue options at this time. CCI has placed over 10,000 in the 22 years of operation.

Cavy Care Inc., supplies the cage (appropriate to the number of guinea pigs to be housed there) … Mazuri pelleted diet, bedding (two kinds), produce, and all the hay a guinea pig can eat.

Unlike a commercial facility we offer an in home experience, no barking dogs, meowing cats, vet techs, stainless steel cages and then silence and darkness after hours.

Playing classical music through the day,

CCI wants to provide the ultimate calming environment for our guinea pig patrons. Our cages are designed for guinea pigs... just an in-home setting with folks who have been caring for guinea pigs for over 22 years. 

Not only do we offer boarding, but guinea pig education by Shannon Cauthen, formerly the small animal expert for the Small Animal Channel, a division of Discover from 2008 years to 2016, Shannon has authored over 96 articles on guinea pigs and been featured in a number of magazines. In 2008 CCI was declared  "Best of" by the Mile High Magazine 5280. She is here to answer your guinea pig questions. 

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