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Cavy Care Inc., is not conducting adoption at this time due to the Covid-19.
Please check if you are looking to adopt, as they have the most up-to-date listing of available guinea pigs in the area by shelter.
Area shelters are "kill" shelters, forced to do so when they are over full and unable to adopt out animals or have nowhere to transfer the animals to when they have run out of time at their facility.
Don't buy from the pet store...ADOPT... You would be buying them a shot at life...
Check area shelters, as often they are overlooked, forgotten and euthanized as a result. 
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Rescue & Surrendering


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Cavy Care Inc., is not taking surrenders or doing rescue at this time, we will be resuming operation at a later date.

Area shelters are limited in the amount of space they have available because of the number of folks wishing to surrender.  Many area shelters are not taking surrenders because of the volume of folks wishing to surrender.

Call first to see if they can take your guinea pig. We suggest the following facilities:

Denver Dumb Friends League,

Foothills Animal Shelter,

Buddy Center,

Longmont Humane,

Denver Animal Shelter, 

If you have questions and need answers, Cavy Care Inc., is here to educate. 

Shannon has written over 96 articles, 3 magazines and been featured in numerous national  publications. 

Shannon was the Small Animal Expert for the online Small Animal Channel, or 5 & 1 publications 

"If she does not have the answer", she will research to find one. 

We hope to reinstate classes at some point, but we are still waiting.

Shannon does not provide MEDICAL advice, and will advise you to get medical help from a licensed veterinarian!

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