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Need to surrender?
Cavy Care Inc. does take surrenders as space permits. At this posting 01/30/24, guinea pigs are being surrendered in record numbers to area shelters, rescue, and open-door facilities. The reason for this is we are speculating that it is the result of post-pandemic and the increasing recession. But...nobody is adopting, and guinea pigs are spending longer time in facilities for this reason. Many facilities have no more space and are not accepting guinea pigs for this reason. You may need to call around to find availability. 

I want to adopt! Click here for our questionnaire!
We specialize in older, or special needs guinea pigs. These guinea pigs are guinea pigs that would not have done well in a commercial facility or shelter.  Most are already paired, and most are over 4–5 years of age. These are guinea pigs that are not suitable for adoption for children.
Buying is no excuse, shelters, rescue, and drop-in facilities are overloaded and therefore in need of your help to open space and prevent unnecessary euthanasia of healthy animals. Purchasing from a pet store is just making things worse. 

If you have questions and need answers, Cavy Care Inc. is here to educate. 
Having written over 96 articles, and featured in 3 magazines, CCI information has been featured in numerous local and national publications. 
Our Executive Director was the Small Animal Expert for the online Small Animal Channel or 5 & 1 publication, a division of the Discover Channel, for over 8 years. 2008-2016 
"If she does not have the answer", she will research to find one. 
We will be hosting classes at the library, please watch for the dates and times of those classes.
CCI does NOT provide MEDICAL advice, and will advise you to get medical help from a licensed veterinarian!

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