Guinea Pig Vet's in Colorado

This is not intended to be a complete listing of veterinarians who see guinea pigs. These are vets that we have used at Cavy Care Inc., or by our clients and were recommended to us. 

This is not intended to be a complete listing. If you would like to have your vet listed, please email us at: 


If this is an emergency or you have a medical question call a veterinarian!!

Cavy Care Inc will NOT provide any type of medical advice!



  • Loving Family Animal Hospital

Dr. Bellinger D.V.M 

14605 E. Arapahoe Rd. Aurora CO 80016 630-5050


  • Special Friends Veterinary Clinic & Grooming

Dr. Terry L. Woltman, MS DVM

509 Airport Boulevard Unit C, Aurora CO 80011 | (303) 363-6636


  • Smoky Hill Veterinary Hospital   Dr. Sharyn Esposito DVM

15600 E Smoky Hill Rd, Aurora, CO 80015 | (303) 693-2020


Happy Tails Veterinary Center  Dr. Tyler Ley DVM                          

24500 E Smoky Hill Road, Unit A, Aurora 80016 303-222-7777      


  • Parkside Animal Health Center     Dr. Eisenhauer DVM

5001 S Parker Rd #101

Aurora, CO 80015

(303) 699-3344


  • North Boulder Companion Animal Hospital - 

2750 Glenwood Drive Suite #9, Boulder CO 80304 | (303) 443-9003


  • Arapahoe Animal Hospital 

5585 Arapahoe Ave , Boulder CO 80301 | (303) 442-7033/(303) 442-7036




  • The Animal Doctor

1705 W 10th Ave, Broomfield CO 80020 | (303) 466-8888


Broom Field Veterinarian Hospital Dr. Guerra

5275 W. 120th Ave, Broomfield CO 80020 | (303) 466-1764 



  • Homestead Animal Hospital   Dr. Jerry Labonde DVM

6900 S Holly Circle, Centennial, CO 80112 | (303) 771-7350



  • Valley Veterinary Hospital   Dr. John Summar DVM JD

5600 W. Dartmouth Ave, Denver CO 80227

(303) 986-0262



  • All Creatures Animal Hospital 

5304 E Colfax Ave, Denver CO| (303) 8307387


  • Evans East Animal Hospital - Dr. Kromka D.V.M.

5353 E Evans Ave, Denver CO 80222 | (303) 757-7881



  • Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital -

  • Dr. Jerry LaBonde M.S. D.V.M.

6900 S Holly Circle, Englewood CO 80112 | (303) 290-8233


  • Cherrelyn Animal Hospital - Dr. Jerry F. Kostner D.V.M.

4690 S Broadway, Englewood CO 80113 | (303) 781-7841


  • Hampden Family Pet Hospital

3540 S Logan Street, Englewood CO 80113 | (303) 761-7063


Fort Collins

  • VCA Fort Collins Animal Hospital  

4900 S College Ave, Fort Collins CO 80525 | (970) 204-4567

Veterinarians we use


  • Paws 'N Claws VeterinarClinicnc -

  • Dr. Kevin D. Schramm D.V.M.

225 N Lemay Ave, Fort Collins CO 80524 | (970) 493-6696



  • Table Mountain Veterinary Clinic  

15555 W 44th Ave, Golden CO 80403 | (303) 279-1701

Veterinarians we use



  • GoldenView Veterinary Hospital 

885 Lupine Street, Golden CO 80401 | (303) 279-9182

Veterinarians we use


Greenwood Village

  • Tendercare Veterinary Medical Center

5930 S Holly Street, Greenwood Village CO 80111

 tendercarevetcntr| 303-689-9500


Highlands Ranch

  • Animal Hospital Center

5640 County Line Place, Highlands Ranch CO 80126 | (303) 740-9595


  • Tenaker Pet Care Center

5790 E County Line Road, Highlands Ranch CO 80011 | (303) 850-9789


  • Fox Hollow Animal Hospital,

802282950 S. Bear Creek Blvd., Lakewood CO | (303) 980-4444


  • Red Rocks Animal Center

620 Mill Ct. Lakewood CO 80215

(303) 987-2026


  • Rocky Mt. Small Animal Hosptial, 1630 E. County Line Rd

Littleton CO 80126 | (303) 547-2637



  • Arrowhead Animal Hospital - 

11490 Sheridan Blvd, Westminster CO 80020 | (303) 469-1616 



Sexing guinea pigs

Cavy Care Inc. does not approve of breeding but if you find yourself with a pregnant guinea pig go to the vet and have her checked. The gestation for female guinea pigs is 64-72 days. Guinea pigs when they are born are fully haired, eyes open and ready to take on the world. They will not need to nurse the first 24 hours because they are supercharged and that gives mom time to have her own milk come online by consuming some of the afterbirth. But don't let them fool you...they need to nurse from mom for 4 weeks. Only baby males demonstrating an unhealthy interest in mom or sis can be separated as early at 3 weeks. Male babies will mate with mom and sister if not separated at 4 weeks...


Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs (Library of Veterinary Practice)

by V. C. G. Richardson

A "must have" book for all cavy caretakers and companions.


Anatomy of the Guinea Pig

by Gale Cooper, Alan L. Schiller


Your Guinea Pig: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing

by Wanda L. Curran


This is a condition known as "Bumble Foot". It is very painful and generally caused by a guinea pig being housed in a cage with a wire bottom where the poo falls throw. Once a guinea pig contracts this condition it can reoccur again and again for any reason.

So please  NO WIRE FLOORS, there is no excuse most cages nowadays are solid floors but some of these wire bottom cages still appear and should be disposed of for scrap!


Please take your guinea pig to the vet if you suspect them to be pregnant. Just like human moms they can have many of the same complications that human moms can have and they are no less deadly.


Pictures of pregnant moms!

Bumble Foot


Cremation Services


Pet Cremation Service

12000 W. 52nd Ave. 

Wheat Ridge. CO 



Rocky Mnt. Pet Cremation

9731 E. Hanover Ct. 

Henderson CO 



Denver Pet Cemetery & Crematory

5721 E. 72nd Ave. 

Commerce City, CO



Percious Memories

5815 E. Hwy 14

Ft. Collins, CO