When you board with CCI, we will text you a reminder the day before you're scheduled to drop off and then again the day before you are scheduled to pick up. When you drop off for the first time, we are happy to give you a tour and show you where your guinea pig will be staying, but we only do this once, unless requests are made in advance. CCI takes most credit cards or cash, no checks. 


WE ARE ONLY TAKING RESERVATIONS THROUGH OUR WEB PAGE ONLY and can not provide PDF's of our form. Forms must be completed on PC or laptop. We apologize for the inconvenience, but that is the vendor we use. If you can not complete the form through our website, then we will not be able to assist you. 

Cavy Care Inc. does not retain personal information from one boarding stay to another. We also do not retain your personal or credit card information. 



In order to tour our set-up, you must be fully vaccinated. We offer unlimited virtual tours, but if you require a tour they are conducted for first time boarders only, as requested in advance, conducted on a separate day other than drop off date. Tours are conducted for the sole owners' peace of mind. Animals are only handled or interacted with by facility personal ONLY, and we do not operate as a child's petting zoo. This has been a problem in the past and will no longer be tolerated. CCI personal are the only ones allowed to touch and interact with the guinea pigs entrusted in our care, no exceptions. 


We would prefer that only one person drop off or pick up at a time. We do not mind children but CCI is not a petting zoo and as such will not allow tours except to confirm quality of care for the adult owner and the adult owner only. 



*Cavy Care Inc. Works by appointment only, there are charges for drop off/pick up outside hours of 10 am to 6 pm of $25. This does not mean we are automaticity available between those hours, only that we are available for appointments between those times and if not scheduled we will be doing other things. CCI closes AT 5:30 pm, no exceptions 


There is a 3-day min, there is a $5 charge to change dates or times of drop off or pick up after confirmation has been sent as confirmation of your reservation. This is changed each and every time a change is made... no exceptions. 

* Cavy Care Inc Boarding charges $10 for late/no show appointments. This is charged after 15 minutes, no call/no show, and after 30 minutes we will cancel the reservation. Cavy Care Inc. Boarding, may or may not be able to renew the same day/hour the reservation depending on our waiting list. 

* Cavy Care Inc. Boarding, will not reschedule no-show appointments for boarding for six calendar months... this is because we do not charge a reservation fee like other facilities. 


There is no charge if you cancel your reservation even an hour before you drop off. If you do not notify us, and then no show/no call we will not be able to board for you again until after 6 months, because we do not charge a reservation fee. When in doubt, pick up the phone and call.


Texting CCI with schedule changes, does not automaticity make your changes ok with us. If you do not hear back from us, then we did not get your text. You can always pick up the phone... Texting last minute may or may not work, so be sure that you have received a text confirmation, or we can not guarantee we will be available when you wish to make changes. 


*We do not take guinea pigs with any type of medical condition, this includes post surgical procedures. No exceptions. If your guinea pig is found to be ill at drop off, or showing signs of illness you will be sent home with your guinea pig. NO EXCEPTIONS!!  If your guinea pig becomes ill while in our care, they will be taken to your vet on record or our vet and left in their care and at your expense. If your vet is unable or does not want to provide care for your guinea pig until you return, we charge $50 per day for medical care from the date of diagnosis until til the date of your return.

Homestead Animal Hospital in Centennial does provide medical kenneling for guinea pigs. 


*As a licensed facility, we can not take your personal comfort items to be housed with your guinea pig while here. It is a because we are licensed by the state, and it is a matter of sanitation/carrier of potentially harmful germs or microscopic organisms. 

*We will not retain your carrier but ask that you take it with you for the same reasons as stated in the above statement when dropping off. 


Payment is expected in full when the guinea pig is picked up. NO EXCEPTIONS. Cavy Care Inc. takes all major credit cards or cash. ABSOLUTELY NO CHECKS. All boarding costs are calculated and offered to you in your confirmation email before your stay so that cost surprises are at a minimum... This is only an estimated and will depend on changes made by the owner as far as boarding packages and changes in stay dates.

A deposit of half of the amount of the intended stay is due at the time of drop off if you are new or using our services for the first time.

Full payment is expected at the time of boarding if staying more than 30 days, no matter your status with Cavy Care Inc. Boarding. Otherwise, payment is expected in full at the time of pickup.


*Because at one-time Cavy Care Inc., was a shelter, (Closed March 16th, 2019) people in the past have felt that they can abandon their animal with impunity at our facility. It does not work that way. If you abandon your animal at our facility, we are required by our governing board to take those animals to the nearest shelter with availability to take those guinea pigs. Those facilities may choose to take additional legal action against you for abandoning your animal in addition to the State of Colorado as well as Cavy Care Inc. If after seven days from the date of original pickup the animal is still in our care, and you have made no attempt to contact us to make arrangements to reclaim your animal, that animal is considered abandoned. We will remove that animal to the nearest shelter to be surrendered and dealt with according to their policies including but not limited to being split up and adopted into a new home. 


*Finally Cavy Care Inc. Boarding is required by state law and as part of our licensing to report any instances where we suspect abuse, neglect or abandonment so that the State of Colorado can take legal action against the owner. 

If you have any questions we encourage you to contact us by phone at 720-235-2492, email: or text. Reservations can easily be changed or canceled, before and up to the time of drop off, with no penalty.

Please book early if you wish to board over major holidays. We have only 57 openings, and they fill up very quickly. Prices will be changing on January 1st, 2020 and may be subject to other changes without any notice, but your price is locked in at the time of confirmation. 

Shannon Cauthen 

Boarding Manager


4343 S. Jasper St. Aurora CO 80015